Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I Love DSW

This week I have been looking very closely at DSW's facebook page because, little did I know, they give away free stuff ALL THE TIME!! I was so excited when I found this out because, as a shoe lover, DSW is absolutely one of my most favorite stores ever in life! So, to make sure I could take advantage of every deal and giveaway possible, I made it to where I receive a text message every time DSW updates facebook or twitter. Pathetic, maybe; but I don't care! This has been my best idea yet.  In my opinion DSW's facebook is the best thing to happen to facebook since farmville.  I mean, I don't play farmville anymore. But I did. For a long time. Too Long... It was interfering with school lol (which is why I don't have one anymore.)
Anyway, I digress. Since this wonderful idea of mine I have won 2 contests and I am getting a free surprise in the mail from DSW! :D :D :D :D :D My excitement cannot be contained.  I also learned a lot of useful information regarding DSW points and things.
In addition, not ONLY do they give away awesome stuff, the people who run the account [["Holly"]] (and, might I mention, pretty much anyone I have ever seen/talked to that works for DSW) are the nicest and most helpful people EVERRRRRRR!
So, DSW I am confessing my love to you. Thank you for feeding my shoe addiction- it is an addiction I don't want to ever be cured of, and thanks to you, I won't have to because you make it so affordable.
Everyone needs to "like" their facebook NOW! do it! you won't regret it!
Here's the link:

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