Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Reduction Surgery: First Week Post-Op

So, it's been more than a week, but I've been enjoying this time I've had to relax and, honestly, didn't feel like typing LOL.
Recovery has been great so far.  It went much better than I expected.  Of course, some days were worse than others- but, overall I was pleasantly surprised.

The first week was probably the worst.  It wasn't terrible, but it was pretty uncomfortable.  The worst part, by far, was the drains! They had to be stripped and emptied 3 times a day, and they were gross- not gonna lie.  Thank God for my mom who took care of them for me, because I don't know if I could have done them myself.  Having them stripped (pulling on the tube to remove clots) didn't necessarily hurt, but I could feel the suction from the drain.  The first time we pulled a little to hard on one and it did hurt and I almost passed out.  But, this was more because it freaked me out and I was already really anxious about it than because of the pain.  I didn't have to take much of the pain medicine.  I took one pill the first few nights so I could sleep better, but I was usually just fine with just taking prescription strength Aleve.
The day after surgery was pretty uncomfortable.  I had the most soreness that day, so it was pretty uncomfortable to move around.  But, getting up and walking around the house periodically actually helped some.  I wasn't allowed to bathe until the drains were removed, and the nurse at the hospital told me I could not wear deodorant yet.  It was really frustrating and uncomfortable, but I took some sponge baths which helped a little.  Over the next few days the swelling and soreness started going down.  On Tuesday I finally got to get the drains removed! The doctor was very happy with the results and gave me permission to finally bathe the following day.  And get this- when I asked if it was okay to wear deodorant he told me I could've BEEN wearing it. really? LOL I could've died.  After he examined me he removed the gauze and, surprisingly, I had virtually NO bruising.  I was extremely impressed!!! Then I laid back and breathed deeply as he removed the drains.  It was a very strange feeling.  It kind of hurt on one side- the side that bothered me when we first pulled too hard- but not for too long.  Needless to say I changed into a clean bra and put on deodorant as SOON as I got home.  It was such a relief! But, the worst part was mostly over.
The next morning when I woke up I noticed I was really swollen and sore again.  It felt really full.  From what I understand it was similar to how it feels when you breast feed.  When my mom came home I FINALLY took a shower and washed my hair.  I have never been so happy to take a shower in my life.  It wasn't easy to wash my hair, but it wasn't really painful- just kind of uncomfortable.  It took a little longer to do most things, and some things I still needed my mom to do for me, but every day it got a little easier.

Even the first week was rough I still think it was the best decision I could have made! I am so happy with the results.  I immediately felt the difference in a relief in back and neck pain, it was easier to stand up straight (which I still have to remind myself to do LOL), and my confidence was much higher! I'm not self conscious about my breast size any more.  I really do not think I could have had a better surgeon!  I wish I could've done this sooner! Another update soon!


  1. To think women go through this to add more to their chest size... Insane to me. lol So glad you are feeling so much better and more confident! Sounds totally worth it to me!


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