Thursday, August 4, 2011

Off to a Great Start!

4 pounds gone and I haven't even started the "30 day Shred" workout yet!

Unfortunately, I couldn't start the 30 day shred yet because I'll be going out of town for a little while. BUT I am DEFINITELY starting it when I get home. In the mean time I will be putting my treadmill to use and trying some other workout DVDs to get my exercise in.

Needless to say, I am super excited! This diet plan or whatever you want to call it is definitely working. I only eat lean meats/ fish and I try to eat AT LEAST one nice-sized portion of fruit and/or vegetables with every meal. I try not to snack and I don't eat late. Usually, I make sure not to eat after 8pm. However, I do let myself have one day to eat the foods that I miss. If I didn't I know this diet would fail and I would sabotage everything by giving up and eating too much while exercising too little.

I decided to track my weight using a ticker I made on
I'm going to post this ticker tracking my weight loss with all of my weight-loss related posts. I am so excited to watch it get closer and closer to my goal weight! Hopefully I can reach my goal of 135 pounds by the end of the year... So here goes nothing! Wish me luck! Thankfully, I am off to an amazing start! :)

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