Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feel Like Procrastinating? Look Here!!

I am the queen of procrastination- especially when it comes to school work.  Usually I just look around on Facebook and Twitter at the same things over and over just to avoid doing whatever it is I have to do.  Well, lately I've added more to my list of "websites to go to before doing any work at all"
1. pinterest
3. (fitting, right?)
   [#s 2-4 all by the same people]
5. my  blog-- haha
However, as of lately this procrastination has been working to my advantage! I already told you about some free stuff I won from DSW's facebook... WELLLLL I also won something from a giveaway DSW mentioned on twitter and another thing from their facebook (seriously, you should check their stuff out- there is no losing when you do).

So, I would say that procrastinating is not a bad thing if done correctly- and this is how you do it.
First, depending on what you're procrastinating from will determine how much time to waste.  For example, if you're taking a test the next morning and the material is only moderately challenging just make sure you give yourself a few good hours to study before bed.  Second, procrastinate somewhere where you can win free stuff! (i mean, is it really procrastination if you get goodies out of it?)  Also, remember to resist temptation to do needless online shopping.  This is not easy. There are so many good deals out there you're just gonna wanna buy everything... don't.  Third, make justifications for your procrastination. For example, my list of movies to see is endless and I need to clear them up!- this is my excuse for watching hours of movies/television and not doing anything productive.

Now, go on and procrastinate for a few hours- just make sure to leave enough time to at least get SOMETHING done. (you don't wanna just be a lazy bones)


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