Friday, July 6, 2012

My Reduction Surgery- Weeks 2 & 3 Post-Op

The second week of recovery went really well.  On Wednesday I drove for the first time.  I had to wait an extra week because I drive a stick shift.  I was still sore, but it didn't hurt to drive.  Soreness and swelling went down a lot, but I started to become VERY sensitive.  As the nerves reconnected I was overly sensitive and tender, but it wasn't too bad.  I left the house more and started getting back to my regular routine.  Toward the middle of the second week I was able to take a normal shower without the handheld shower head.  At the beginning of the second week I was also able to start wearing a normal shirt instead of a button-down shirt.  At the end of the week my mom and I went shopping!  I bought some new shirts, a couple of dresses, and a bathing suit!  For the first time in years my bathing suit didn't cost a number that was even close to triple digits! It was so nice to actually enjoy shopping! I didn't have to worry about things looking funny, BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS ACTUALLY CLOSED, and I can wear strapless things! Clothes look so much better.  I was so excited!!  My mom and I also went to a bridal show- which was so much fun! It was nice to get dressed up and go do something!  

The third week went pretty well too.  Unfortunately, I started PMSing.  I usually have breast tenderness and swelling, but this time it was multiplied by like 50.  It felt similar to how I felt the first week, but it went away after a couple of days.  I could've started buying bras, but I was pretty uncomfortable so I decided to wait a while.  I did buy a wireless bra that was really comfortable so I had something to wear under my shirts without my sports bra showing.  It's so nice to not have to wear underwire!!!! I've never worn such a comfortable bra.  I don't want to ever go back!  The stubborn steri strips FINALLY started to come off a little, but not very much.  We went to the sunflower festival- which was beautiful- but I was really sore that day so it dampened my mood because I was pretty uncomfortable.  

Which brings us to present-day! Lol!  On the 3rd I had my last appointment with my surgeon until September/October!  He took the rest of the tape off and put on fresh ones to help smooth the scar.   He said he thinks my new size is great for my body size, and he was very happy with the results- as am I!! After 3 weeks I can take the tape off and, gradually over the next 3-6 months, everything with settle more and continue to look more natural.  They look great now, and he said soon it will be hard to tell I even had surgery!  I am now completely unrestricted!  I can lift, exercise, and sleep without worry!  It's so nice to be able to sleep on my stomach, and I can't wait to start working out again!! I'll be going back to Louisiana this weekend and get ready to face the real world!  I've loved being around family in Atlanta, and I wish I could spend this much time up here more often.  Unfortunately, now I have to get a job and get ready for grad school so I won't have the luxury of a month of free vacation anymore!  

My fiance and I are having one last hoorah before the craziness starts again- so we're taking a road trip to visit my cousin in Savannah for a night then spend 2 days in Charleston!!  I'll also be moving in a month, so the next few weeks are going to be VERY busy.  Hopefully I can find time to blog about our California and Charleston trips in the meantime!! 

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes during my recovery! I'm so thankful for my friends and family who have made it such an easy process- and, of course, for my AMAZING surgeon, Dr. Joseph Woods!  I could NOT have asked for better! :)


  1. Yay for being done and doing so well! Good luck to you with your new job and grad school! How is the wedding planning going?!

    1. Sorry I'm just getting back!!! Grad school is great but SO CRAZY! I'm super super busy, especially since I'm working full time now. Wedding planning is good. We moved the date a month sooner because I found out my counseling comprehensive certification exam would have been RIGHT before the wedding. How about you? I hope I can get back to blogging soon!


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