Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why I like Blogger better than Wordpress

1. Blogger is easier to navigate and personalize than Wordpress. When I had a Wordpress it was so confusing! I never knew how to do much of anything besides publish a post.

2. I can schedule a whole bunch of posts ahead of time on Blogger. Maybe this could have been done with Wordpress, I don't know because like I said it was really confusing.  This is also really helpful for me because there are some times when I feel like I have just absolutely nothing to blog about, and when I do I can just write it up and schedule it to be published whenever I want.  If I already have enough posts for a week then GREAT because this can just be added and I don't have to think about what to say for a  little while...

3. I can automatically publish my Blogger blog to my facebook and twitter without being around my computer.  I love that I don't have to go back and copy and paste links all day, Blogger already does it all for me.

4. Since Blogger is Google-related and I already use my Google account for everything under the sun, using Blogger just makes sense.  Also, since I'm always on Google Chrome and my gmail and what not it makes Blogger easy to manage.

5. I love the Blogger extension button thingy... If I'm on a website and I see something I want to blog about I can just hit "Blog This!" and TA-DA! I don't have to navigate through a million pages to write a blog about it and it automatically posts the link to whatever I'm looking at for me.

6. My blog is cute now.  Wordpress did not have a lot of layout themes that I liked so it just didn't really fit... I love my blog now. It feels very "me" and I can actually figure out how to change it if I want to (unlike Wordpress- again with the confusion).

All in all I am thus far very satisfied with my Blogger blog... Hopefully this will let me keep up with my blog now!


  1. I still can't find the Blogger extension thingy...

  2. just looked it up- it is only for chrome after all. i thought they had one for firefox but it doesn't look like it


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