Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 must-have Baby products that work for grown-ups too!

Lol this may be crazy but it's true.. Some baby products work really well for everyday grown-up things, too.

1. This may sounds really weird, and maybe I shouldn't even admit it, but one of THE MOST USEFUL things is the one and only boudreaux's butt paste (yes, butt paste). If you're like me and you wear a skirt or a dress or shorts that are too short and it's a hot humid day- u chafe(sp?) and it hurts. I have found that boudreaux's gets rid of the chafing with no problem! I just put it on at night before bed and the next day it's usually gone. Boudreaux's also works for stubborn razor burn- before and after you get it! Just put it on at night after you shave and it will prevent it. Or, if you're too late and you already have it just put it on before bed and it will be significantly better if not gone the next day! AND since it's used for diaper rashes it can work on sensitive skin with no worries.. Boudreaux's is a life saver :)

2.Baby powder... This one is probably obvious. It's an age-old trick that many people use and have used for a while. When your hair is greasier than normal between washes putting some baby powder in your hair usually does the trick! It has never failed me. I've tried to use "dry shampoo" products instead but I think baby powder works best.

3.johnson's baby shampoo... This is a go-to product for me. It works great for taking off eye makeup-even waterproof mascara- and it won't burn your eyes! It's also good for people with allergies. I found that during the times that my allergies are really crazy it has helped to wash my eyes with baby shampoo every night to get the dust or whatever off and my eyes are way less irritated. lotion... This one shouldn't be too surprising either. I love the smell of baby lotion- nice and fresh- and the best part is that of you're like me and you have SUPER sensitive skin this lotion works really well and won't irritate you. You can even use it directly after shaving without getting irritation. I tell you, it's great.

Baby products are great. Their inexpensive and work on all skin types for lots of different problems.. You should check it out :)

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